Pizza (frozen)

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We have partnered with a local business, Vintage Pizza Pie, on a delicious new product...hand-crafted, wood-fired pizza!!!!

All pizzas feature a medley of our mushrooms (shiitake, blue oyster & brown oyster).  The smoked duck is not from our farm, but it is from another great Ontario farm: King Cole Duck.

Pizza are frozen and will take only 5 minutes in a 400C oven to cook.

About the Pizza:

Vintage Pizza Pie prepares Neapolitan pizza the old fashioned way, as it would have been done centuries ago. The dough is composed of four ingredients: water, flour, salt, and yeast, the last in the form of a natural starter. 

After a long and slow cold fermentation process, this process helps to develop gluten and flavour. Our pizzas are baked in a 3000 pound Le Panyol Camelot oven, burning exclusively apple wood, lilac wood, hard maple & oak to reach and maintain temperatures in excess of 900 degrees F ; at such high temperatures, liquid water in the dough vaporizes instantly, expanding within tiny bubbles already formed by the yeast to create a puffed and delicate outer rim, the raised crust is typical of this style ~ flamed kissed delicate dough. 

Pizzas cook in 60-120 seconds, yielding a final product that is soft and supple, not dried out and crunchy as is often the case with other styles of pizza. Blistered but pliable, chewy yet delicate, a perfectly cooked Neapolitan pizza unites these seemingly opposite qualities under a tradition that is equally paradoxical: humble yet exalted.

About Vintage Pizza Pie

We are Richard and Isabelle, we have been happily married for 20 years, we have 3 awesome children and live in beautiful Northumberland County.

In 2011, we were fortunate enough to be part of the team at the exclusive Norman Hardie winery and vineyard in Hillier, P. E.C. There, we were trained by 3 wonderful chefs from  esteemed restaurants: Chef Rocco of  Pizzaria Libretto's, Daniel Usher of Ortolan Toronto as well as David Mattachioni ofMattachioni Restaurant & previously at Terroni's 
They taught us how to make Neapolitan style thin crust pizza.

We always wanted to have a business together, something that would help teach our children work-ethics, support local farmers, create community working positions and grow something that we really enjoy sharing with as a family.

After such a great experience at the winery, meeting fantastic people, we realized we really love baking pizzas in the wood oven and making people happy with our food, so why not take it to the road ? And why not do it in style! We found a pristine 1938 Chevy Maple Leaf flat-bed truck, we had it outfitted with a copper wood fired oven built in Skowhegan, Maine and there it was - Vintage Pizza Pie Company was born in July of 2013 ! 
In 2017 we branched out into the frozen wood fired pizza business, teaming up with local enterprises like Stirling Water Buffalo Co & King Cole Duck & Kendal Hills Game Farm to create some unique varieties of pizzas