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**CSA Shares are $150 Quarter, $300 Half or $600 Full.  The $1 price is just to avoid the processing fees so that we can pass those savings to YOU in the form in BONUS bucks.  Please pay for your share by cheque or e-transfer**  

Our CSA gives YOU the power to choose what you'd like each month (or week). It's like a gift card and you can use it in two ways:

  1. Pre-order through the website and then come pick up your order at the market or at the farm.  No waiting in line and no worrying whether we're sold out of something.
  2. Visit us at the market, pick what you'd like for that week and pay later.

CSA members receive an email each month with the details of what we have available and what's coming.  You get first notice of availability.  And as thank for pre-paying for your food, you get BONUS dollars!!!!  (we load your gift card with more money than what you paid!)

CSA stands for Community Supporter Agriculture, a unique way to support small, local farms.  You purchase a 'share' in the farm at the start of the season and then receive a regular delivery of what we produce.  Common with vegetable farmers, we've modified ours so that you can choose what you want and when you want it delivered.

How does it work?

Since this website is powered by Shopify, our share is actually a gift card.  By making this commitment, we know what to pack for the market and that you'll be there to pick up your order.  In exchange, we give you BONUS bucks!

  1. Bring a cheque to market OR send e-transfer to eat@kendalhillsgamefarm.ca
  2. We send an electronic gift card to you, for the amount you paid PLUS the bonus bucks.
  3. Save that e-mail in your inbox or in your Apple wallet, and then use your unique gift card to pay for your farmers' market orders.

How do I order?

  1. Shop online and add items to your shopping cart.
  2. Checkout
  3. Use your gift card to pay
  4. Select your pick-up date and location
  5. Pick-up your order

What can I expect in my share?

Our CSA is flexible. You can spend your money on anything that we have available.  Below are some examples of what your share could purchase...but you can add, delete and customize to your heart's content.

 Description EXAMPLE of what you could buy over 5 months (June - October)

Quarter Share
$150 cost
$10 bonus

1 whole chicken
3lbs chicken thighs
1lbs sausage
1lbs bacon
2lbs mushrooms
1 jar of honey
1 smoked duck & funghi pizza

Half Share
$300 cost
$25 bonus

2 whole chickens
4lbs chicken legs
3lbs sausage
3lbs of bacon
3lbs mushrooms
2 dozen chicken eggs
1 rabbit
1 jar of honey
1 smoked duck & funghi pizza

Full Share
$60 bonus

4 whole chickens
4lbs chicken legs
4lbs chicken wings
4lbs bacon
4lbs sausage
2lbs pork chops
8lbs pork roasts
4lbs mushrooms
2 rabbit
4 dozen chicken eggs
1 dozen quail eggs
2 jars of honey
1 heritage turkey
1 smoked duck & funghi pizza

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Expiration:  Gift cards don't expire, but we do ask that you use your balance by December 31st
  2. Eggs:  Chicken eggs are ONLY available for pick-up at the farm.  Our eggs are not graded and the law only allows graded chicken eggs to be sold at market.

Have a question that's not answered covered here?  Just contact us through eat@kendalhillsgamefarm.ca